Families & individuals


CK Lawyers firm is dedicated to the questions of your life, whatever we respond.


Firm dedicated to issues of everyday clients, CK Lawyers firm offers legal assistance in all areas of family law, social law and criminal law in France, Portugal and Brazil.

We work in terms of advice and litigation in a national and international environment.

We respond to all inquiries or family, social, criminal, and everyday life by providing personalized solutions.

We support our customers in good times and more difficult by our advice, our legal support or under any disputes they may encountered in judicial, arbitration and mediation, as in France, Portugal, and Brazil.

At the international level, we help individuals who may be subject to cross-cutting issues, eg due to immovable property situated in several countries in case of divorce, inheritance, shares, real estate.

The combination of our skills and our experience allows us to integrate a human expert and every issue.

Our work focuses on the legal and judicial fields as follows:


Family law, personal law, successions

CK Lawyers firm assists you for happy moments like the most difficult moments of your family life.

We advise you on matrimonial, cohabitation, filiation, adoption, inheritance, donation, protective measures (guardianship, curatorship).

We assist and defend your best interests in all types of divorce and child-related measures such as parental authority, residency, visitation and accommodation support.

CK Lawyers firm also handles estate files frequently, sharing assets, eg international between France, Portugal and Brazil. We can advise our clients on the organization of their succession, the distribution of their assets, and respond to problems that may arise, or judicial settlement.


Labor law

CK Lawyers firm advises and assists you in writing your employment contract or modification so that your rights are fully respected.

We also defend employees in all matters that may arise during the life of their employment contract or its breach, whether a contract of indefinite duration, or casual.

We assist our clients before the courts in litigation individually or collectively.

We will advise you useful eg in case of claim for overtime, suffering moral, disciplinary, or, in case of failure to challenge the dismissal, the requalification of a resignation, negotiation of a contractual termination.


Consumer Law

CK Lawyers firm ensures the protection of consumers in the market, under consumer law.

Our intervention takes place during all phases: before the engagement (disclosure, reflection period or repentance, canvassing), in terms of commitment (unfair, tacit renewal, and deposit payments, etc. …), in the execution and termination of the contract.

We protect your rights in the reports of whack. 


Criminal Law

We assist you for any criminal offense, you are a victim or as a perpetrator in question during the phase policing and judgment.

We work particularly well in custody before the judge before the police court to the criminal court, the Court of Assizes, before the Juvenile Court.


Debt recovery

Upstream, CK Lawyers firm advise you when you plan to lend money and offer various legal mechanisms to secure and promote the recovery operation on the loan contract itself and guarantees possible.

Downstream, we act swiftly when you encounter difficulties in repayment by a court or judicial attempt with taking measures that are necessary to ensure payment.


Liability & Insurance

CK Lawyers firm offers its expertise to any question of contract and tort (including medical, traffic accident, sports injury, domestic) that you’re an author or an injured due to negligence or breach of a contractual commitment.

We represent you during the mutual agreement procedure and litigation.

CK Lawyers firm ensured that supported by your insurance company of your claim and your compensation. 


Real estate

CK Lawyers firm has an activity dedicated to real estate, consulting and litigation, allowing it to intervene in the acquisition, construction, management, transfer of property, whatever the tax on your purchase. We also handle related issues, such as liability insurance and builder.

We conduct preliminary research in the field, write the contract (agreement of sale, contracts for the construction, leases).

Our experience allows us to offer solutions adapted to your project. We also assist you in case of dispute, whether relating to the construction, acquisition, leasing, management and sale of the property.