Companies & societies



Specialised in business affairs, the CK Lawyers firm offers legal assistance in all areas of business law – for instance, in cases that require our counsel as well as in litigation cases, in a national or international environment.


We respond to all requests from businesses, corporations, groups and institutions by offering adapted and personalized solutions.

We assist our clients in the creation, development and management of their business and in all disputes that they may encounter in litigation, arbitration and mediation cases.

On the international level, we help foreign companies set up and develop their businesses in France, Portugal, Brazil and Angola by providing them with legal, accounting and banking services, and assisting them in their business partnerships.

The combination of our skills and experience allows us to integrate an economical and financial approach to each problem.

Our intervention focuses on the legal and judicial fields that follow:


Corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, international investment and partnership agreements

The CK Lawyers firm assists you in the creation of your business and provides you with its advice on the choice of structure, in a national or transnational context. We draft legal acts relating to the creation and the life of civil and commercial companies (statutes, shareholders agreements, approval of accounts, rise and reduction of capital, transfer of registered office, company transformation, etc …).

We also put our expertise at your disposal for the governance of your company, as in cases of joint ventures, private equity, merger, acquisition, transfer or restructuring (legal audits and devices, negotiation and drafting of legal documents, liability guarantees).


Commercial contracts, commercial leases, distribution & competition

The CK Lawyers firm gives its clients advice all along their business activity and this, from the development of their business strategy. We help you in the negotiation and drafting of contracts as well as in the case of a breach of your business relationships.

We respond to contractual issues that may arise with your business partners, and in general to all situations that may arise in social life.

We intervene in any kind of commercial contracts, including commercial agencies, distribution and franchising, commercial leases, sales of business assets. We also act in competition law especially against unfair or discriminatory practices.

We are led to intervene in consumer law in the drafting of contractual documents such as purchase orders, general conditions of sale or purchase, or when they are challenged.


Intellectual property, new technologies and technologies of information

The CK Lawyers firm gives its clients advice to protect their intellectual property rights (copyright, designs, trademarks, patents) and assists them for registration and management procedures.

We offer our expertise in negotiating and drafting contracts of sale, licensing, and distribution.

We also represent our clients before administrative authorities or through litigation in civil, criminal and community courts, including infringement and unfair competition.


Social rights, social protection, international mobility

The CK Lawyers firm operates on the individual and collective aspects of labour law in counseling and litigation.

Thus, we assist and advise our corporate clients in drafting employment contracts (relevant contract clauses, such as non-competition clauses or mobility clauses) as well as their rupture, including cases of negotiated departure.

We also advise and assist our clients in case of transfer of employees abroad.

We also intervene collectively in the organization and social management within the company.

We implement profit-sharing, participation and employee saving plans.

We also advise leaders on their legal and social status within the company.

We assist companies when they encounter difficulties that require restructuring, transfers of activity and employees, collective departures.

We assist our clients before administrative and labour courts in case of litigation, individually or collectively.


Banking, finance and stock exchange law

The CK Lawyers firm assists banks and financial institutions in their legal and judicial operations, particularly in the financing of companies and individuals.

It also plays the role of representative for companies with their financial institutions to promote their cash flow needs in optimal conditions.

We cater for the taking of guarantees and debt collection.


Real estate law

We advise our clients in real estate transactions of all types, from the simplest to the most difficult one, in a national or international context. We respond to their expectations, taking into account a developing legal and tax system.

We offer a constant and complete legal assistance to landowners and investors in the acquisition, construction or management of their real estate properties.


Restructuring & companies in difficulty

We seek the best solutions when a company encounters temporary or more serious difficulties. We bring you our advice and assistance in backup, reorganization or liquidation plans.

Our mastery of the legal framework combined with our economic approach allows us to find creative solutions.

We also assist our clients, creditors of companies in insolvency proceedings, and favor the recovery of their claims or the respect of their privilege.

We work with the different bodies of procedure to guarantee the progress of your case


Litigation, domestic and international arbitration, mediation

Building on a long experience in litigation and arbitration, the CK Lawyers firm uses all the judicial and extra-judicial tools to allow its customers to obtain the desired result.

We assist our clients at all the stages of the conflict, from the negotiations to the proceedings and / or transaction.

We intervene in civil, commercial, labour, criminal and administrative jurisdictions.

Our international dimension allows us to intervene in disputes in France, Portugal and Brazil, as well as in disputes of an international character.

The diversity of procedures and arbitration treaties allows us to provide a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach, whatever the object of the dispute.

We cover all conflicts regarding the lives of companies, their leadership and employees.

For instance, we intervene in disputes relating to corporate governance, employment law, relationships with business partners (commercial agent, franchise, etc …), commercial leases, and debt collection.


Business criminal law and social security law

The CK Avocats firm defends victims or people sued for offenses relating to the business world (abuse of corporate assets, fraud, forgery, bribery, illegal employment, etc …).

More generally, the firm handles all litigation cases related to the social and economic life of societies.